Gaby’s Blog – 7/31/14

What does a lesson look like? Those of you who have been reading my posts might be wondering: what goes into a riding lesson here? What sorts of skills do ranchers learn? As you may imagine from the diverse group of youths who come here, the focus of each lesson

Gaby’s Blog – 1/7/14

My friend, Cody. As a rider, you get to have a unique relationship with your horse. This week, I want to tell you all about my special guy, Cody, and why I feel so happy he has joined the Ranch family. Cody is an 18 year old quarter horse gelding

Gaby’s Blog – 12/19/13

Hello again Children’s Ranch community! Today I want to introduce two very special Ranch friends: Christina, a special education consultant at the Ranch, and Pipsqueak, a new addition to the critter crew. First, let me tell you about Christina. She has been at the Ranch since 2010, when she moved

Gaby’s Blog – 12/10/13

Howdy. Greetings, ranch community! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Gaby and I will be blogging here from time to time. I started therapeutic riding lessons at the ranch a few years ago and have participated in a couple volunteer-in-training summer camps. Over time, the Children’s Ranch has