Gaby’s Blog – 1/7/14

My friend, Cody.

As a rider, you get to have a unique relationship with your horse. This week, I want to tell you all about my special guy, Cody, and why I feel so happy he has joined the Ranch family.

Cody is an 18 year old quarter horse gelding who was introduced to Jackie and Karen by a Ranch family. When they met, Jackie said they “immediately fell in love with him – especially his gentle eyes and calm demeanor, and his desire to snuggle.”

They soon found out that Cody can make kids giggle with his bouncy trot. Jackie describes Cody as unusually fond of being close – he actually seeks out comfort from horses as well as humans. He has formed such a strong bond with his neighbor, Pepper, that Cody paces in his stall when his friend is out working and even calls out with a worried whinny.



To help Cody manage his anxiety, the Ranch has devised a few tools to help soothe him. One strategy is for a volunteer to groom Cody while Pepper is working, which he finds comforting. Another helpful solution is to ask Dove to keep him company from Pepper’s stall. Together they munch on hay and Cody soon forgets he was lonely.

That Cody has such relatable emotions, and that he seeks out comfort is one of the main reasons he is so special to me. I know that he understands my own anxiety and will make me feel safe, just as his Ranch buddies do for him.

Also, we can learn from Cody to check in with ourselves about our emotions, and to ask for help or reassurance from people who care about us if we need to. This is also what makes the Ranch an incredibly warm and wonderful place. People and animals both will find caring and supportive friends for life.

A Snuggle with Cody

A Snuggle with Cody

I think Cody can be best summed up by this comment from Jackie, who said, “He almost seems like a Golden Retriever at times – happy to see you, and wanting to jump in your lap and lick your face.”

I feel so fortunate as a rider to have Cody as my ranch companion. If you have been to The Children’s Ranch and know Cody, feel free to share some love for him in the comments below.

Cody in the Arena

Cody in the Arena

What or who should I write about next?
I’d love to hear from my Ranch friends.



2 Comments on "Gaby’s Blog – 1/7/14"

  1. Ann says:


    Wow, you made my day today. This morning I enjoyed being introduced to you in your most informative blogs. Then this afternoon, I enjoyed meeting you in person.

    I knew before I met you that you had to be a person I would like, because any friend of Cody’s has got to be a kind person.

    I learned a lot today as I watched you communicate with your iPad keyboard…Thanks for sharing time with me…I hope I can find a way to make a keyboard work for my nephew who has challenges with communicating.

    Best Regards, Ann Hope Gutierrez (Aunt of Joshua)

  2. Jon and Joshua says:


    We really enjoyed your last 3 blogs about the Children’s Ranch and all the friends we have there. You are indeed a talented writer. Your insights into our animal-friends’ behavior and personalities were most enlightening. If you spend time with them, you really begin to understand their feelings and emotions. I liked that about your blogs. Keep writing. We can’t wait to hear more.

    Joshua, my 8 year old son, also rides at the Ranch with Jackie, Tara and Addie. I know that Joshua would love to meet you and hear how you became such an amazing writer!

    Take care.

    Jon and Joshua

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