Getting Started

The first step in getting started at the Ranch is always to set up an Intake appointment. Our Intakes are a ½-hour appointment with our Director, Jackie, and there is no charge. Jackie will give you and your child a tour of our ranch, during which you will meet all of the horses and other “critters” and complete Ranch chores. Afterwards, Jackie will set up a time to discuss program options. There is no riding during this first visit, because we need to meet each child first to decide what type of staffing we’ll need to make it a safe and enjoyable Ranch experience.

To sign up for a Ranch program, parents must complete and return the Ranch Intake Form (10 pages).

Please click here for the Ranch Intake Form

In addition, depending on who your instructor is, you may be asked to complete and return one of the following:

1. Karen Slayton’s Hold Harmless Agreement (1 page)

Please click here for Karen Slayton’s Hold Harmless Agreement.

2. Antonietta (“Etta”) Iannaccone’s Hold Harmless Agreement (1 form)

Please click here for Etta’s Hold Harmless Agreement.

Note: These forms do not need to be completed prior to the Intake appointment, but you may want to look at them prior to the Intake in case you have questions.

Email or call Jackie to set up an Intake appointment: Contact Jackie