Our Programs

We try our best to tailor our programs to the needs of each individual. Below are our current program offerings.

Private Therapeutic Riding

At the Ranch, our therapeutic riding sessions include ranch chores, horse and critter care, and riding instruction.  By learning to care for other creatures – large and small – students connect more deeply to the Ranch and experience a boost in self-esteem.  Our therapeutic riding team is made up of a therapeutic riding instructor and a therapeutic assistant who support the student in safely learning the basics of riding and horsemanship.  45-minute session.

Assisted Therapeutic Riding

This unique riding program is for students who need extra support to safely and meaningfully interact with and ride a horse.  Students also complete ranch chores, including horse and critter care.  With the support of a therapeutic riding instructor and two therapeutic assistants, the student is able to experience the Ranch in a controlled, therapeutic setting, all while being able to say, “I rode a horse today!”  45-minute session.

Ranch Play

“Ranch Play” is a non-riding program that introduces students to the Ranch’s furry critters, including rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, duck and horses.  Ranch Play allows the student to learn the rules of the Ranch and establish a positive bond and working relationship with teachers and animals — before introducing riding into the mix.  45-minute session.

Ranch Hands**

Meeting on Saturdays from 2:00 – 4:00pm, Ranch Hands kids come together as a group to care for our horses and critters, building community as we serve the animals we love.  Activities include grooming, bathing, lunging, cuddling, feeding and grazing horses.  At Ranch Hands, kids learn skills in the following areas:  organization, self-management, emotional regulation, and group skills.  During the one-hour parent workshop from 2:00 – 3:00pm, parents gain insight into the tools, strategies and rationale around the techniques that the kids are learning.  The goal of the workshop is for parents to take home (and into the world) what their kids are learning at the Ranch.

** Students must be evaluated for readiness to participate in group programs, showing an ability to join a group without one-on-one supervision, and mastery of basic horsemanship skills taught in Private Therapeutic Riding and Ranch Play.

Sibling Group & Parent Workshop

Meeting one Sunday a month, from 10:00am – 12pm, Ranch Sibling Group provides a safe space for siblings, ages 9-18, to share about their experiences and to learn social/emotional tools of their own.  Breaking into smaller groups (based on age), we utilize the Ranch’s animals and group opportunities to facilitate meaningful relationship-building among siblings through a variety of activities, games and discussions. Parents are invited to attend a Parent Workshop inside from 10-11am, learning the tools and strategies that we use at the Ranch.

*Siblings are kids who have a sister, brother, or other close relative, who regularly attends our Ranch programs.


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